CARRUAJES ROMERO is a company in Lebrija (Seville), specialized in the fine art restoration and historical conservation of carriages.

Our company is based on a fundamental principle: meet the needs of our customers, seeking to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Therefore, CARRUAJES ROMERO is aware of the need to achieve excellence both in the people who make up the company and in the services provided. This is based on the following principles:

  • Personal and professional development.
  • A solid and agile communication culture in accordance with our principles.
  • Establishment of the necessary synergies among craftsmen, technicians and other personnel that form the company, achieving a unique and multidisciplinary work team.
  • Innovative approach to our service.
  • Commitment and transparency with our customers.
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, based on the analysis, which allows us to increase the technical quality of the service offered.

With the aim of ensuring quality management based on these principles and the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, Carruajes Romero undertakes to:

  • Comply and enforce ethical and professional standards adapted to the artisanal and historical restoration service offered by our company.
  • Comply and enforce other requirements different from those established by our clients.
  • Provide through the Quality Management System a frame of reference in Carruajes Romero for the establishment of objectives with their goals and programs deploying them at all levels and achieving, with the maximum participation of the entire technical team, a continuous improvement in the company.
  • Assign human, technological and financial resources to achieve the proposed objectives in each project and quality, and make a rational use of them.
  • Collaborate with public agencies, social and economic agents and society in general for the benefit and development of the Traditional Carriage culture.
  • Raise awareness in quality matters to all company personnel through continuous training, participation in the continuous improvement of our activities and processes.
  • Establish the bidirectional internal communication channels necessary to achieve a fluid and reactive communication among all the members of the company.
  • Consider customer satisfaction as a fundamental objective of all our activities.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

CARRUAJES ROMERO is responsible for complying with the provisions of the Quality System and fundamentally for the activities included in the aforementioned system. The quality policy will be disseminated to all levels of the company through posters and training talks.

Finally, the company will show its commitment to the Quality Management System, seeking its correct development with all the means and resources within its reach, always maintaining a commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the activities carried out by it.