Carruajes Romero

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From the very beginning, Carruajes Romero has provided meticulous practical solutions to projects it takes on. More than 200 interventions over the past years, some of unquestionable artistic significance, have given us the opportunity to participate in important projects for institutions and private collectors. Experience that makes us a company you can trust and an essential benchmark for Restoration and Preservation of Classic Historic Carriages.

Restoration Carriage Carretela Bary Aine

The Carretela carriage was created by the Bary Aine house in Dijon (France) in the 19th century. This restoration has been carried out in the Carruajes Romero workshop by the restorer best known as "Chano" through artisanal processes.

Restoration of Landau Carriage

Zacarias Labourdette & CIA (Madrid), an important 19th century firm, established at 17 Paseo Obelisco Street, a firm highly appreciated for the quality of its work, especially in the construction of this model of carriage.