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Meticulous attention to detail

Full Restoration

We believe Full Restoration of Historic Carriages to be all of the restoration works carried out on each of the elements that make up the carriage (leather, upholstery, fabric, paint, wood, metal and, of course, accessories), with a comprehensive approach. The same intervention criteria apply to all elements (level of cleanliness, reintegration, finishes, etc.), monitoring all of the tasks from start to finish.

Our artisans have extensive experience in the various artisan trades required. This allows us to do work of all sorts on a wide range of carriage models from different eras.

For more than 25 years, our passion for our trade has inspired us to continue searching for new artisan techniques to restore carriages without altering their historic spirit.

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Work and Accessories


Our workshop has the right specialists for each specific restoration project and each part of your carriage, including leather, upholstery, fabric, paint, wood, metal and, of course, accessories. We have a continuously updated stock that we would be happy to show you in our permanent exhibition at the workshop.

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Other services

  • Preservation service

    After finishing a restoration, we offer all of our clients a preventive preservation plan for the restored item. In the middle-term, this investment has a good return, as it avoids highly costly and traumatic future interventions.

  • Maintenance service

    Based on the meticulous work and excellence we are known for, we have created different preventive maintenance plans for our clients' collections, even including courses for cleaning and maintenance staff.

  • Advisory service

    We are always pleased to help our clients with anything related to carriages, from full appraisal for sale or purchase of a carriage to one-off advice on the right accessory.