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Do you want to restore or sell a carriage?

Do you want to restore or sell a carriage?

Historic carriage draw
Do you have a carriage and want to know how much it would cost to restore it? Do you want to sell a carriage in its original state?

If you want to restore or sell a historic carriage, we will indicate in a simple way the steps you must follow so that we can offer you a first valuation without any cost of our catering services or a first acquisition offer:

Documento restaurar o vender carruaje

  1. Take a minimum of 6 to 8 photographs (.jpeg format) of the carriage that includes views of the front, rear, both sides, seats, axles and wheels (including footlights). Please add close-ups of the details you wish to highlight (brands, badges, accessories, etc.). Try to take the photographs taking up the whole frame of the image and, if possible, using a clear and smooth background to obtain better results.
  2. Try to give us a brief written description with information of the carriage, that is, manufacturer, date, type, previous owners, etc. Add a description of the general state of the carriage. If you have any documentation, scan it and send it along with your photos.
  3. Send us all the above to the email address along with your contact information indicating, please, in the concept of the message, if it is for restoration or sale. Shortly we will contact you confidentially and always guarantee total privacy to your query.

Finally, understand that we can not provide you with a definitive estimate as part of this first online assessment, nor can we accept as definitive any part of our evaluation that may be incorrect.

We ask that you accept it as a preliminary initial estimate. For a definitive estimate, in most cases, it will be necessary for our craftsmen to evaluate the carriage in person.