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Historia Carruajes Romero

Carruajes Romero was founded in 1999 to provide specialised service in the field of Restoration and Preservation of Classic Historic Carriages.

Our main asset is our team of artisans who specialise in restoring and preserving carriages, which has made Carruajes Romero a benchmark in the sector of artisan restoration of Traditional Horse Carriages.

Our work in various fields of restoration and preservation is backed by more than 200 completed projects, from the smallest detail to full, comprehensive restoration.

Always striving for perfection in each of our projects, we work to recover and use artisan techniques that have often been forgotten to avoid altering the original state of the carriages we restore.

In order to raise awareness of our work in countries in need of our experience and collaboration, we have begun expanding internationally, showcasing our assets and know-how.

All our restoration projects have as their main objective the historical study of a carriage following a strict methodology that includes collecting the maximum amount of information and bibliographic documentation to obtain data on the history and technical aspects of the carriage. The analysis of the deterioration of the piece and the study of the parts that constitute it in order to determine its constructive system by means of photographic documentation.

All this allows us to accurately assess the state of conservation in order to establish a diagnosis for a correct intervention.

All our work is always accompanied by the corresponding documentation consisting of a written and illustrated record of the diagnostic examination, of the interventions carried out and of any relevant information related to the intervened piece.

In addition, apart from our restoration and conservation services, at Carruajes Romero, we are always delighted to help our clients in any matter related to the carriage, from a complete appraisal in the purchase-sale of a carriage, to punctual advice to decide the correct accessory or complement.

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Sebastián Romero

The manager of Carruajes Romero, Sebastián Romero Vela, better known as Chano, has become a global benchmark in artisan restoration of classic carriages in his own right.

Born in 1967 in the town of Lebrija, in the province of Seville, he has been working in this field for more than 25 years, beginning as a professional painter at a small carriage company in his hometown. After acquiring all the know-how and expertise possible in this arena, he decided to start his own company, Carruajes Romero, where he uses his own style and knowledge in constantly striving for perfection in each project.


Our workshop

Our workshop is in Lebrija (Seville). The space is fully equipped and set up for our artisans who specialise in restoring and preserving carriages to do their work, with all the materials necessary for them to successfully tackle any sort of project.