Conservation and Restoration


The company’s main activity has been restoring and preserving historic carriage since it was founded in 1999. Preserving and safeguarding classic carriages to keep a part of our history alive. The restoration works done by Carruajes Romero are all based on our artisans applying the most rigorous criteria.

From the smallest detail to the complete and integral restoration, we offer a completely handcrafted service based on the most absolute historical rigor with the aim of returning the pieces to their original state, guaranteeing at all times their functionality and movement.

More than 300 completed projects guarantee our trajectory in the different fields of restoration and conservation, making Carriages Romero the benchmark in the sector of handcrafted restoration of the Traditional Horse Carriage.

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Our latest projects

Restoration Tilbury

This carriage was created in the 19th century in the Boiron-Lion studio, which is situated in Sainte Hèlène street (Lyon). In 1885, the studio started the production of these commercial carriages, a good demonstration of it is the excellent skills and the high quality of its projects.

Restoration Roof Seat Break

This restoration has been made in Carruajes Romero by handmade processes in 2020. This carriage was created by Pelletier Jeune in the 19th century in Saone (France). Pelletier Jeune is very famous in this area for the quality of its projects.


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